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12-Hour Eating Window = Weight Loss??

Tweet Tweet Pin It Hello My Friends and Happy Thursday!! Okay, today I want to talk what’s trending! Every Wednesday I get the pleasure of going on WFLA News Channel 8 with Stacie Schaible to discuss what’s hip and cool with nutrition! So why not spread the nutrition news here too?! One of my favorite things […]

Stay Motivated for your New Year’s Resolutions!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy day!!! This is such a word for me and I know for so many of you! I always think that I’m super woman but in all actuality, I’m not and I can’t do everything. Sad but true. But I LOVE how the quote is still inspiring… You can do […]

Abby’s Top Food & Nutrition Trends of 2015

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy hump day!! I love Wednesdays! It’s hump day and it’s also WFLA News Segment Day on First at 4 with the lovely Stacie Schaible!! Today, we are discussing the forecasted top food trends for 2015. 2014 was filled with juice cleanses, quinoa recipes, kale everything and healthy sources of […]