Abigail Joy Dougherty: Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Expert & Lover of Life

About Abby

Hi, I’m Abby!! 🙂

Right after we got our very own keys! :) Instagram :)

Right after we got our very own keys! 🙂 Instagram 🙂

To put it very simply, I’m a devoted wifey, registered dietitian, foodie, baker, wannabe chef, runner and all around lover of life:)  I want my website to be a place you can come for all things health, wellness and inspiration! I love to help people meet their nutrition goals and inspire them to be the person they always knew they could be – I’ve struggled personally with nutrition issue and know from experience that usually food is not just food. Through news media, publications, presentations, group and one on one counseling, I work with my clients on understanding how to eat healthfully and deliciously for everyday, real, LIFE!


Abigail Dougherty is a registered and licensed dietitian and owner of The Soul of Health where she focuses on helping people become their best selves through realistic lifestyle nutrition. The Soul of Health encompasses her nutrition philosophy – that we are each unique individuals and there is no one size fits all nutrition plan. Abigail feels her purpose is to spread the joy of living well and adapting a healthy lifestyle, the same way she changed her life – one simple step at a time. Abigail knows first hand what it feels like to be overweight and to live an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle.  With the help of her loving husband and finding the passion and inspiration from – she decided to make simple  healthy lifestyle changes.

Just finished our FIRST marathon!!

Just finished our FIRST marathon!!

She started researching nutrition and learned how food can be a beautiful form of medicine to the body.  Abigail fell in love with nutrition and wanted to learn how to help others make the same changes she had made.  She wanted to help educate and inspire people to become their best selves and to learn how they can truly SHINE!  She enrolled back in school and 4 years later graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida. Go Gators!  She then continued her education at the University of Virginia Health System by completing a 1 year Dietetic Internship followed by passing the National Registered Dietitian Exam.  Abigail’s passion for life and nutrition shows in every area of her life.  Abigail believes that variety is the spice of life and the key to spreading health and wellness in multiple different avenues. She works with  clients to make healthy lifestyle changes using both motivational counseling as well as real life situations – At the grocery store, out to eat and in the kitchen. Abigail also contracts with organizations presenting Wellness Seminars to their employees, works with a non profit and is in the process of developing a meal planning website that focuses on fresh, healthy and simple family meals. Abigail is also an avid runner and is training for her second marathon, aspiring chef and lover of life!

Professional Affiliations:

Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Strategic Communications Chair, 2014-2015

Active Member: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Florida Dietetic Association, Tampa Dietetic Association

Active Member: Tampa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Current and Past Clients:

Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office (Corporate Wellness), Hillsborough County Government, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, Patel Conservatory, Power Inc., ContinueCare, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and many more!


Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary: President 2014-2015

Meals on Wheels

The Sustainable Living Project: Garden by the River

Quest, Inc.


To optimize the nutritional status of individuals of all ages through motivating, coaching, and educating to promote a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

Soul Values:

I am here to help you find your individual “soul of health”.  We all have different needs, lifestyles and responsibilities that make each of us unique.  I want to help you find what nutrition style works for you.   I am a firm believer that you can have it all.  We live in a society that has many temptations but as long as we armed with the right nutrition tools, even some of life’s most tempting situations can be successes and even enjoyable!  Your life should be lived to its fullest!  Let’s face it, many of us are social beings and like to go out for cocktails with friends, dinner with our significant others and most of all enjoy food.  Being health conscious and living a healthy lifestyle can fit in, it just requires getting educated and making the necessary lifestyle modifications that work best for you.

This is where the Soul of Health can help you meet your goals.  A healthy lifestyle means different things to different people.  I am here to help mold a nutrition plan that is right for you.  Whether it be through nutrition counseling, healthy meal planning, pantry makeover, grocery store tours, fitness planning or disease prevention/management, helping you find that balance in life is my main goal.  Learning how to enjoy food and understand how to use food as fuel is important but properly fueling one’s body and recognizing hunger and fullness cues are instrumental steps in helping you find your “Soul of Health”.