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Tweet Tweet Pin It Ohhhh happy day!! Today, I’m trying something new. I love inspiration. Yes, I’m sure most of us do but I find if I start out my mornings with a little inspiration, it changes everything. So, instead of just reading it (since I’ve been doing that for quite some time), why not […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It I am absolutely in LOVE with pumpkin right now!! It’s a million degrees in Florida with a trillion percent humidity with no sign of fall and I don’t care!! I’m still in love with the idea of fall and all things pumpkin!  On a bike ride this morning, I got a […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It Hello my friends!! Do you tend to feel guilty after eating and feeding your kids? Well, beating yourself up over every chocolate morsel or box of mac & cheese is not going to help! I have three tips for creating a healthier mindset towards food: 1) Don’t focus on the weight […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It “OMG, do you know how many calories are in that?” We hear the word “calorie” ALL THE TIME; but do we really know what it means? A simple definition of a calorie is a unit of energy – meaning, the food you are eating is your bodies energy source.  When you […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It Whaaaaaaa? Summer is over? Well, at least it is on this side of the country and although it may seem WAY too soon, school is here. For many this means to bed and to rise earlier, school pick up lines, back packs, stricter routines and yes, school lunches! If you struggle creating […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It Exercise in the Great Outdoors: God’s Playground!! Yesterday, my husband and I were out on a GORGEOUS bike ride – It was amazing! It’s summer, the sun was shining, there was water nearby, I was sweating but honestly having such a great time I didn’t even feel like I was exercising! […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It Cereal and snack bars were all the rage back in the early 2000’s but are being pushed out by other, better-for-you bars emphasizing physical health and all natural ingredients. These new age bars are so awesome because they have whole food ingredients, allowing your body to use the food directly as […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy April Fools Day!!  With all of the trendy health claims on food  packages these days, it could feel like everyday is April Fools Day. While the food products’ packaging may be eye-catching with bright colors and a ridiculous amount of health claims, these claims may be fooling us as consumers! […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It EGGS! With Easter fast approaching, eggs are on center stage. With all the information out there today, do you ever feel stumped about which eggs to buy and even if eggs are good or bad for you? Wonder no more! I’m breaking it down to help you you get the FACTS […]

Tweet Tweet Pin It I love to travel! I love to travel for work, fun and all the areas in between! The last year, specifically April-October 2015, were an absolute whirlwind of travel for me — A huge change from my normal routine but a welcome change and a life changing change! In March of […]