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Stay Motivated for your New Year’s Resolutions!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy day!!! This is such a word for me and I know for so many of you! I always think that I’m super woman but in all actuality, I’m not and I can’t do everything. Sad but true. But I LOVE how the quote is still inspiring… You can do […]

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Tuesday!! Question of the day: Is it too early for Holiday decorations and Christmas music or are you ready?!? If you know me well, you know I. Am. Ready.  It helps my cause that last week The Salvation Army of Tampa/Hillsborough County had their Annual Tree of Lights Breakfast! It […]

Go easy, it’s the weekend!!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy weekend!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!! Today I thought I would give a little update on how my marathon training is going.  I have a 5 miler tomorrow, a 20 miler on Tuesday and then the tapering begins!! WOO HOOO!! I am so close to the taper weeks, […]

Simple Roasted Almonds

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Tuesday!! I love this one! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own agenda and our own theories or ideas of what success is and we forget — It’s so much more! This was a great reminder for me! Today, I am trying something new and super cool! Technique […]

Pictures and Pins Week 1

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Happy Sunday!! I’ve decided to do something fun and different this week – Pictures and Pins! Yep, that’s what I think I’ll call it! Let me know how you like it! Fore-warning… There will be a lot of food and running business. That’s me right now! Okay, this was DELISH! […]

Grocery Shopping Tips: Part 1

Tweet Tweet Pin It Good morning and happy Thursday to you!! For some reason this morning, I feel like someone needed to hear this… and who knows, maybe it's me!  Sometimes I feel like we need to take a step back from all the busy-ness of life and take a minute to celebrate who we […]

Pancakes and Running Races

Tweet Tweet Pin It Okay, it’s official, I am running another marathon.  I kind of haphazardly decided upon it after my best friend decided to come visit and informed me that during her stay I would need to accompany her on not only a 7 miler but also a 14 miler.  YAY?!  I started the […]


Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Monday!! It’s going to be a great week – March and Spring are coming SOON!! Goals are like dreams with deadlines – I just love this!! I am an extremely goal oriented person.  I feel like if I have a goal – I know I will achieve it.  Why? Because […]