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Back to School: Healthy Lunches!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Whaaaaaaa? Summer is over? Well, at least it is on this side of the country and although it may seem WAY too soon, school is here. For many this means to bed and to rise earlier, school pick up lines, back packs, stricter routines and yes, school lunches! If you struggle creating […]

Healthy Eating on the Go!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day or that you can’t find the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal, or even have time to actually sit down and eat lunch? If so, you are not alone! With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are on the […]

Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving friends!! Today I want to share with you some last minute recipes, tips and tricks that I have learned from across the web! Here are some WONDERFUL tips & recipes on how to make this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season a liiiiiiiiittle bit easier and more delicious!! Thanksgiving […]

Mood Boosting Foods

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Friday!!! Who wants an instant mood booster??! Me! ME! Pick me! I just had the pleasure of going on television with the lovely Stacie Schaible of WFLA News Channel 8 to discuss the best ways to boost your mood with food and behavior! Here is what I came up with…. […]

How to Keep Super Greens All Year {Technique Tuesday}

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy New Year!! Here are a few of my favorite New Year Quotes 🙂 Can you believe how fast this year went? WOWZA, I feel like it went by in a blink and I have this crazy notion that the years will only go by faster! One thing I want to […]

Reorganize Your Kitchen, Simply {Technique Tuesday}

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Technique Wednesday?!? Confession: I accidentally went to bed too early last night to post this on Tuesday… Sooo this week it’s Technique Wednesday!!  Whoops! Luckily, it’s Caroline to the kitchen rescue!! She is sharing with us two amazing ways to simply reorganize our kitchens. Ohhh thank heavens. She must have […]

Healthy Halloween Survival Guide

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Monday!! I dont’ know why but every time I look at this photo it makes me smile! Pure, unadulterated fun – that’s what it looks like to me! It’s PERFECT for a Monday, right?! Okay, all this week I’m going to be featuring fun posts with tips and tricks about […]

My Favorite Snacks: Part 1

Tweet Tweet Pin It I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!! Do you ever have those days that don’t go as you planned but that end up being WAY better than you planned?  Like, not necessarily easy or amazing but because you decided to go with the flow instead of hurry things along (Yes, by […]

Awesome Ice Cream Friday!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Happy Friday!! I hope you had a wonderful day and you are planning a lovely weekend!! I have to make a confession. I love ice cream. Yes, I love ice cream.   Some people are salty lovers, sweet, chocoholics, me, I’m an ice cream lover!  Is it the creaminess, the […]

Grocery Shopping Tips Part 2

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy HAPPY Friday!!!! Lalalalala I love Friday!! I’m going to go on a slight tangent for a moment and then I will be back onto happy Friday things and Grocery Shopping Tips. I had a lunch meeting with two lovely ladies at a wonderful little place called Nature’s Table Cafe in […]