Abigail Joy Dougherty: Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Expert & Lover of Life
2016, Lifestyle Changes, Nutrition Minute

Ditch the Diet Mentality for Good!

Hello my friends!!

Do you tend to feel guilty after eating and feeding your kids? Well, beating yourself up over every chocolate morsel or box of mac & cheese is not going to help! I have three tips for creating a healthier mindset towards food:

1) Don’t focus on the weight loss or the foods you are avoiding!

This mindset tends to put us in a negative mood and turns our focus into one of lack. Boo!  Instead, focus on healthy foods that you like to eat and how to incorporate them into your meals! Think about all the glorious foods you’ll try like oven roasted sweet potatoes drizzled with olive oil, avocado on everything, salmon, new recipes and new delicious adventures!

2) Focus on the positive and awesome behaviors you are incorporating into your lifestyle! 

Instead of beating yourself up over the 2 times you picked up fast food, or ate that extra helping of cake, focus on the nights you did cook at home & resisted the second helping of dessert. Focus on the positive! You’re awesome!

If you have an unhealthy meal – move on and give yourself some grace.

3) Healthy is NOT an over night process and nothing about it is perfect.  

If you have an unhealthy meal – move on and give yourself some grace. Our bodies are very forgiving; so let’s try to be forgiving to ourselves! Keep moving, keep walking forward and keep making those healthy changes one baby step at a time!

~Abigail Joy

PS: Please notice and laugh at my “grill”!! I had my Invisilign in and didn’t think you’d be able to tell. The lights kept reflecting off of my teeth for a nice golden look! It’s quite becoming…. 😀


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