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Exercise in the Great Outdoors

Exercise in the Great Outdoors: God’s Playground!!


Yesterday, my husband and I were out on a GORGEOUS bike ride – It was amazing! It’s summer, the sun was shining, there was water nearby, I was sweating but honestly having such a great time I didn’t even feel like I was exercising! I had an epiphany – the outdoors are a giant playground created for us by God!! How fun!!!

The outdoors are a giant playground created for us by God

This got me thinking…. Why do most people view exercise in such a boring and blasé kind of way? Probably because we do it in a blasé, boring way – the elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, a gym – no sunshine! Now don’t get me wrong, I have spent PLENTY of time in a gym to get my exercise in but I want to encourage you, myself included, to get out from behind those four walls at least once a week and step into God’s playground!! So let’s grab some sunscreen and MOVE!!

Here are my faves:
  • Walking: walk the dog, fast or slow, squeeze yo behind, WALK!
  • Biking: road or mountain biking
  • Swimming: any stroke – play along like you are in the olympics
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Yoga – My amazing sis, Kelsi Kale, reminded me of this one!
  • Whitewater rafting, boating, kayaking, or jet skiing!
  • Running/Jogging outdoors
  • Surfing, boogy or body boarding, splashing and playing at the beach!
  • Water skiing, wake boarding, tubing!!
  • Whatever you want!!

And now, I’ll leave you with my goofy video…. EnJOY!! Click here for my favorite energy bars – which are great for pre/post movement of choice! 

~Abigail Joy

PS: If you are one of those people who seems to complain about the heat, well stop 🙂 It will be gone before you  know it and we’ll all be missing that sunshine! Steps off soapbox… 😀



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  1. I LOVE this Abby! You are so inspirational!! Don’t forget about Yoga outdoors! One of my most favorite things!! I LOVE you!!!!

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