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My Favorite Snacks: Part 1

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!!

This morning's Facebook Post

This morning’s Facebook Post

Do you ever have those days that don’t go as you planned but that end up being WAY better than you planned?  Like, not necessarily easy or amazing but because you decided to go with the flow instead of hurry things along (Yes, by you I mean ME) the day becomes way better than the plan.  Yes, that is my day today.  I was worried that I might not be able to get ALL the things done I wanted to get done…. Then I relaxed and realized, the more I stress the less of ‘good Abby’ I’m actually using. So I decided to relax the heck out! And voila!

Good Day Sunshine!!

This morning's AMAZING sunrise! What a gift!!

This morning’s AMAZING sunrise! What a gift!!

So yes, the day is going good.  Currently, I am sitting in Whole Foods Market, I just finished a delicious smorgasbord lunch from the Cold/Hot Bar and will be picking up my new and improved business cards later this afternoon! I have actually been at Whole Foods since 9am…. It’s 2pm… just for the record.

Said Whole Foods Smorgasbord Lunch

Said Whole Foods Smorgasbord Lunch

I don’t even remember all the cool things I tried… Some sort of Dal, lentil tabbouleh, salad with super greens, beets with ginger, a piece of steamed zucchini, tuna salad, oven roasted sweet plantain and pico de gallo. Random, yes! I ate about 2/3 of my delicious lunch. My eyes were definitely bigger than my tum tum!  But it was yum yum… sorry that was dumb dumb. I can’t stop!

Now it’s afternoon and I might be in need of a snackie soon, so I thought what a great time to share my favorite snackie items!!  I will try to do this more often as I love finding out new products and new ideas and sharing them with you!!  Enjoy!!

These are a few of my favorite Snacks: Part 1

1.) Somersaults: These are delicious, crunchy little nuggets baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains – I took most of that right from the label! They are a perfect snack to ease morning or afternoon hunger! They come in individual packs or in a larger bag – easy for on the go snacks or to keep in your pantry. They are nut free but still boast the same amount of protein in one serving as almonds – COOL! They are also a good source of fiber, have less than 10g of sugar and are under 150 calories. Oh wait, did I mention they’re delicious?! I have found them at Whole Foods and Target – I am going to ask my Publix to start carrying them as well!somersault-snacks-group-shot-logo

2.)  Lola Granola Bars:  These are new to me and AMAZING! Their ingredient list is super short – around 8 ingredients – all food stuffs you can read, eat and digest.  Gluten Free, non GMO soy free, no artificial sweeteners, over 50% organic, lalalala… the list goes on.

Lovely LolasLovely Lolas

Check out their website for more info!  I actually received these at a health fair but the organizer said they found them at Smoothie King… Random, yes but I would go there just for one (or seven) of these bad boys!

3.)  Siggi’s Yogurt : By far, my favorite Greek Yogurt! It is the BEST and Siggi’s has the coolest flavors like Orange & Ginger, Coconut, Acai & Mixed Berry, Pomegranate and Passionfruit and then the usuals like Vanilla, Strawberry and Blueberry. Their slogan: Simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar (And quite delicious too). It’s so true! They have a ton of great protein and most flavors are less than 10 grams of sugar with <120 calories.  Eat all on their own or top with some Sommersaults or a sprinkling of granola and OH MY YUMMINESS!! Great afternoon/morning/evening snackie!!

Just a sampling of their fun flavors

These can be a bit on the spendy side but they are WELL worth it! I have found them at Publix and Whole Foods. They are delish!

Okay, those are my top 3 snackie faves for the day!! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and if you have some favorites we should all know about! And again….

Happy HAPPY Friday!!

<3 Abigail

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