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Grocery Shopping Tips Part 2

Happy HAPPY Friday!!!!

Your life is now - AND it's Friday!

Your life is now – AND it’s Friday!

Lalalalala I love Friday!!

I’m going to go on a slight tangent for a moment and then I will be back onto happy Friday things and Grocery Shopping Tips.

I had a lunch meeting with two lovely ladies at a wonderful little place called Nature’s Table Cafe in Hyde Park Village. I’ve been there a few times and I always have a great experience but I always seem to forget about it when trying to decide on delicious and healthy lunch options out.  Not anymore – It will now live in infamy!

I walked up to the counter and luckily I was early so I had a few minutes to look at the menu. Then I saw it – My perfect lunch – The combo meal! Not just any combo meal but a soup + salad OR sammie + bottled water + child size frozen yogurt! Yes! Yes! YES! I’ll take the combo please!!

Here we are enjoying our lunches:

I opted for the vegetarian chili and the Turkey Reuben (no chz and SOS) with a side of mixed greens and tomatoes

I opted for the vegetarian chili and the Turkey Reuben (no chz and SOS) with a side of mixed greens and tomatoes

At the table there was also a chicken wrap and a make-your-own salad (I think) with a generous portion of grilled chicken and avocado! YUM!! My friend Jodi has been working at her new job (which is right down the street) and she has been to Nature’s Table for 4 of the 5 days 🙂 I think she likes it?

Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl topped with Oreo crumbles on Instagram :)

Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl topped with Oreo crumbles on Instagram 🙂  PERFECT lil sweet treat!

And I quote –  Nice guy working: “Would you like any toppings ma’am – I have sprinkles, m&m’s, dark chocolate chips, assorted fresh berries, oreos….”

“I’ll take just a little oreo crumbles – but if I wink will you pretend I didn’t say that?” — I’m pathetic and a total sucker for Oreo crumbles! 🙂

Check out their full menu here and other locations here! They seem to be mostly on the East Coast – Sorry to my dear West Coast friends and fam but I know you are well taken care of over there with delicious, healthy restaurants.

Okay, I had a vote on Facebook today but I had kind of a sad turnout… That’s okay, I forgive! 🙂 The poll was what I would write about today!! Two options:

1) Part 2 of Grocery Shopping Tips OR

2) Top Pins and my week on Instagram.

Actually #2 won but the last vote (out of three) came in after I was already writing this (sorry Tera :)) So, Grocery Shopping Tips it is!!

Enjoy! <3  Pins + Instagram (Pinstagram?) this weekend!!

Grocery Shopping Tips: Part 2 of 2

Read Grocery Shopping Tips: Part 1 of 2 here! 🙂

1.) Don’t believe everything you see: LOOK at the nutrition label before you buy – there are all kinds of crazy words people use on labels to make us think certain foods are healthy!  Ohh no, you don’t! No trickery aloud!  Here are a few common claims:

  • Low Calorie vs: Light: Low calorie means under 40 calories per serving. Light means NOTHING! Read the label!!
  • Reduced sugar: 25% less than original vs. Low sugar: Not regulated, vs. No sugar added: Still contains sugar/calories
  • “Real fruit” and “made with real fruit” are tricks – Check the label to see if any type of fruit is listed in the first three ingredients. If not, there is NOT enough fruit to matter! 🙂
  • Whole grains vs. Multi grain: Look for 100% whole grains on the ingredient list (first ingredient:))

Bottom line: READ THE LABEL! 🙂 Check out my tips on nutrition label reading here!

2.) Check out the bulk foods section: Shop for things like oatmeal, quinoa (keen-WA), brown rice, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit, lentils and the list goes on and on.  If they don’t have bulk foods – make sure to check the store brand.

Bulk Food Sections make me happy - Healthy and deliciousness galore!

Bulk Food Sections make me happy – Healthy and deliciousness galore!

3.) Make sure to look up and down – Not just at eye level:  There are a ton of strategically placed items in the grocery store like: 100 calorie packs, Brand name cookies, crackers and crap (excuse my language), Boxed Cake Mixes, Packaged foods and a bunch of items with a bunch of added junk!

EEK!! Make sure to look UP and DOWN! :)

EEK!! Make sure to look UP and DOWN! 🙂

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for low and high “goodies”.

4) Check the frozen food aisle: Frozen fruits and vegetables are a cheap and great addition to soups, stews, smoothies, scrambles, baked goods and so much more.  Make sure to check the label for fillers and unnecessary additives. Also, they have great breads like Ezekiel/Food For Life Brand or other sprouted grain products. Read about sprouted grains here!

5.) Pay Attention at check out: This is more of a money saving tip than a healthy tip but seriously I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been mis charged.

Don't get scanned... I mean mis-charged!

Don’t get scanned… I mean mis-charged!

Make sure prices ring up as advertised or as indicated on the shelf label, especially for sale items.Be super duper nice and some stores will even give you the item free if they make a mistake on the price. This has happened to me more than once – take the extra time and check! 🙂 I heart free things!

Alright, I hope this has helped you!! These helped me a ton, especially when I was first starting out!


What other “Series” would you like to see?  I already have a request for healthy snack ideas – Thanks Jenny!! 🙂

Do you already follow these tips already?

What day do you  grocery shop??



2 Comments to “Grocery Shopping Tips Part 2”

  1. Nature’s Table Cafe sounds like a great place.
    Thank you for the food label tips. I loved your pancake recipe last week. I didn’t see a way to Pin It. I think I shared it to my timeline (I hope I did) so I can find it again. I’d like to try it soon. I think healthy snacks would be a great topic. I would really like to know how all these “natural” sweeteners compare (xylitol, monk fruit, coconut sugar, sugar in the raw, truvia, agave, and on and on and on…).

    I do my best to remember & follow your healthy tips. I’ve got so much to learn.

    I shop whenever I can fit it in & I can’t put it off any longer.

    Have a great one and thank you for all the wonderful things you share! 🙂

    • Thank you Carole!! I love to hear your feedback and appreciate your support!! I love the idea about a series on sweeteners! GREAT!!
      I think you can Pin right from this page – At the top above the title there should be a Pin It button! Let me know if you can’t find it! You’ll love the pancakes – I’ve had them every morning this week!!
      Have a wonderful weekend!!! <3

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