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Healthy Eating on the Go! Part 2

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day or that you can’t find the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal, or even have time to actually sit down and eat lunch? If so, you are not alone! With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are on the go more than ever before – spending more time each week in the car or at the office, making it seem nearly impossible to find the time to make healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family.

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In Healthy Eating on the Go! Part 1 we provided some tips on how to eat healthy with a fast-paced lifestyle, by planning ahead and meal prepping for the week, but we realize that these tips may not be applicable for everyone 100% of the time!

What if you don’t have time for preparing your meals the night before and eating at a fast-food type of restaurant is the only option?

Sometimes if you will be in the car traveling all day, fast-food may be the only option. The good news is there are plenty of healthier options available now at many fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, and Subway. Try making healthier choices such as sandwiches on whole grain bread, salads with low-fat or fat-free dressing, replacing French fries with sliced fruit or a side salad, and swapping fried meats for grilled options.

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And if you have to resort to stopping by a convenience store for a quick snack or meal, there are healthier options there too – just be sure to check the food labels!  Looking at the nutrition label can help you make the best choice. Pick snacks or beverages with the shortest ingredient list and least amount of added sugars. Here are some great snack options:

  • low-fat yogurt
  • string cheese
  • canned tuna or sardines
  • fruit- such as apples, bananas, and oranges
  • individually portioned trail mix and nuts

healthy convenience foods(Photo compliments of epicurious.com)

Be sure to look at the serving size for each packaged item as some prepackaged foods may look like a single serving but actually contain multiple servings.

The main point is to be mindful when preparing healthy meals for the next busy day ahead or for when selecting foods to eat while on the go. If you plan ahead and are aware of what you are putting into your body, you will be more successful at eating healthy on the go and will have more energy to make it through the hectic day!

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