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Healthy Halloween Survival Guide

Happy Monday!!

Yes, I will!

Yes, I will!

I dont’ know why but every time I look at this photo it makes me smile! Pure, unadulterated fun – that’s what it looks like to me! It’s PERFECT for a Monday, right?!

Okay, all this week I’m going to be featuring fun posts with tips and tricks about how to have a fun, delicious and nutritious halloween!  Yes, it can happen! 🙂  Stay tuned for tomorrows Technique Tuesday with the Lovely Caroline for a fun take on Candy Corn!!

Enjoy!! <3

Halloween Survival Guide:Carving Orange Peppers

My Top 5 Tips for Adults to Surviving Halloween the Healthy Way!

Let’s face it, Halloween is NOT just for kids! The candy bowls at work, the buying and stocking of (expensive) Halloween candy and then the leftovers – Ohh goodness what to do with the leftovers?! I came up with my top 5 tips on how to survive Halloween with a smile.

1) Don’t Run on Empty: Make sure to start the day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Just becuase you are anticipating eating a few pieces of candy today does not make it a good idea to skimp on your meals. At each meal, focus on choosing good sources of lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains! Also, try to fit in a good workout or walk around with the trick or treaters!

Example Halloween Day:

  • Breakfast: Veggie scramble with whatever chopped veggies are in your fridge topped with avocado and tomato slices with a piece of Ezekiel Toast
  • Snack: Greek Yogurt Topped with Berries and Hemp Seeds or Chia Seeds
  • Lunch: Spinach Salad topped with quinoa, veggies, and black beans or try this Quinoa Superfood Salad
  • Snack: Handful of Almonds ~12 + 1 sliced apple
  • Dinner: Hearty Black Bean and Turkey Chili with Cornbread and a side salad.

2) Do not deprive yourself:  In a perfect world we could go through Halloween day, I mean Halloween week, without overindulging in the endless supply of candy – in your office, your home or even at the doctors office. But this is just NOT realistic. We’re human and most of us enjoy the occasional or not so occasional treat. Allow yourself to have it! Enjoy it and move on!



3) Have something to look forward to: Do you have a favorite candy bar or sweet treat? I know I do! Purchase one of your all time favorite indulgences and make a plan to have it after your kids go to bed or at the end of the night on Halloween. At the moment my favorite indulgence is Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups –  I will not be sharing 🙂  My plan is to have one decadent cup with a glass of red wine at the end of the night. Those other candies feel like childs’ play when I think about the deliciousness to come. Decide on a treat plan for the night and do your best to stick with it!

4) Make a Deal:  Make a deal with your kids (or your husband or just yourself :)) to wait until after Trick or Treating to eat any of the loot. Before you go out tell your kids there will be a surprise waiting when they arrive home! Have them pick two of their favorite candies (chocolate or not) and when you get home have a surprise Trick or Treat Sundae Party!! Have them crumble their two favorites on top of  ice cream, frozen yogurt or coconut milk ice cream (My favorites are shown below)! Have some fun toppings at home like sprinkles and fruit that they can put on top as well! I don’t know about you but a ice cream sundae sounds way better than a measly candy bar!Favorite ice cream

5) Get it OUT: Once Halloween is over, have a plan to get that candy out of your house.  Some GREAT ideas I found from this article are to send leftover candy to the troops via Operation Gratitude or call local nursing homes, food pantry’s, women’s shelters, or a Children’s hospital. Some libraries even have drop-offs for extra candy donations. If you have older kids, you can make fun art projects with the leftover candy! Visit Candy Experiments to see all the cool things you can do with the leftover goodies.

Bonus: Go Easy on Yourself: Seriously, we all go overboard sometimes. If you do, be gentle, forgive yourself (and your kids). Halloween is just one day, have fun and if you do eat a ton of candy, it’s OKAY! Living a healthy lifestyle is NOT an all or nothing thing. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your kids (if you have them) and enjoy the process!Fa-Boo-Lous!

<3 Abigail


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  1. Great post Abby! I love #3, that’s a great idea! Why waste my time on Skittles or Nestle Crunch when I can allow myself a couple pieces of Toffee To Go or Green & Black’s Organic Dark? (Which is amazing with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter spread on top by the way

    • Thank you so much Stephanie!! Seriously, looking forward to a delicious piece of REAL chocolate always gets me through a long day! I hope you are enjoying this LOVELY weather!! <3 Confession: I still need to try Toffee To Go - I've heard such amazing things!!

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