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How to Chop Herbs {Technique Tuesday}

Happy Technique Tuesday-on-a-Friday


I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!!  I love this day!! So much fun, excitement and during this time of year, all of the holiday parties and festivities – Love, love LOVE!!
This week for Technique Tuesday Friday, Caroline is coming through with another amazing technique: How to Chop Herbs with videos included!
YES!! These videos are short, simple and to the point. So incredibly helpful Caroline, thank you so much!  Here she is…. 🙂

How to Chop Herbs


Herbs add a ton of flavor to soups, salads, main courses and desserts. They also make your kitchen smell a-mazing. On the downside, they can be kind of a pain to chop…if you don’t know the simple techniques that take you from knife novice to kitchen-herb master.
For this week’s Technique Tuesday post, I’ve created some short videos that demonstrate how to quickly and easily chop parsley and cilantro (they look similar, but you cut them differently!); basilrosemary and thyme (one technique for both); and sage.
Abigail at The Soul of Health and I hope that you find these helpful, especially as we enter the holidays where people tend to hit the kitchen in higher numbers to cook up family favorites. For recipes that feature herbs, check out my Cooking with Herbs Pinterest board!
Click below to see Caroline’s awesome videos and for the rest of the post!
How to Chop Herbs – Sweet Foodie

Have a wonderful Friday!!

<3 Abigail

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