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#MeatlessMonday Roundup & Presents in the Present

Happy Monday!! <3

I'm doing my best to live in the PRESENT - Because that's what it is! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying it RIGHT NOW — even though it is Monday! This has been something that has been coming up over and over for me lately;  living in the present and appreciating the right now, the little moments, even in the times that aren't so awesome – trying to find the presents 🙂

Presents in the Present :)

This morning it was particularly difficult during my 17 mile training run.  Yes, it was tough and all I wanted to be was back in my comfy cozy bed! I kept reminding myself to just be in the present and find the little presents in the moments OR in the 156 minutes out on Bayshore! Eeek!

Here are the presents I experienced during my jog this morning:

  • Dolphins!! I saw 2 playing together and 1 jumping way out in the distance – Sooo cool!!
  • I got to see all my favorite “regulars” out on Bayshore! It's so cool to see the same people just about every morning – Seriously, seeing a familiar and friendly face while jogging is the best – I grab as much energy from those encounters as I can!
  • Jogging past my window, across the street, there was my dear husband brushing his teeth looking for me!! What are the odds that I would be jogging by at the same 30 seconds he would be standing by the window – Only explanation, PRESENTS!! That put a ton of pep-in-my-step!
  • Running into dear friend Catherine – looking cute as ever!
  • Having enough water and fuel for the jog! I don't usually need much but having a few gummy bears is always a treat – ANYTIME! 🙂
  • The amazing BREEZE! On these hot summer mornings the breeze is amazing!! Often in Florida you get nothing – this morning was FAB!Not from this morning but it was as close as I had :)
  • The Sunrise!! 
  • Feeling my legs and joints – knowing they are strong and healthy!
  • Finding stupid things funny – I won't mention what they are but just know you would laugh too! 😮

What are the presents you are experiencing today? I encourage you to write a little list – It's really mood-lifting – Especially on a Monday!! 🙂

Alright, now on to a totally different type of present! #MeatlessMonday Round Up!  I love this movement and wanted to share with you my favorite Meatless Monday finds from the past week(ish).

#MeatlessMonday Round Up

Click on the recipe title or the blogger name to be routed directly to the delicious recipe!!

1.) Grilled Polenta with White Beans and TomatoesA Couple Cooks 



YUM, YUM and more YUM! Still packs a good amount of  protein from the white beans and polenta! I can't wait to try this!

Savory Tomato and Poblano Pie Recipe #Sunday Supper – An Appealing Plan

Seriously, how delicious does this look?!

Seriously, how delicious does this look?!

An Appealing Plan made this for #SundaySupper yesterday – Learn more about the #SundaySupper Movement here or see the Founder Family Foodie on Facebook here 🙂

Vegan Sea Cakes – An easy #MeatlessMonday optionDawn Jackson Blatner

Yummy Vegan Chickpea Sea Cakes

Yummy Vegan Chickpea Sea Cakes

These Vegan Sea Cakes look amazing! Dawn Jackson Blatner is a fellow Registered Dietitian and posts amazing recipes! Sign up for her newsletter here for recipes and great tips!

Vegetable Masala (Dairy Free)The Detoxinista

Indian Inspired Creamy Vegetable Masala - YUM!!

I can't wait to try this!! This will definitely be on the  upcoming meal list!

Here is an older #MeatlessMonday recipe of mine – Black Bean, Corn and Quinoa Superfood Salad 🙂

This is PERFECT for summer!

This is PERFECT for summer!

I hope you enjoyed this #MeatlesMonday Round Up!


<3 Abigail

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Do you celebrate #MeatlessMonday?

What is one present you experienced today?



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  1. WOOO HOOO . Thanks for the shout out! Great collection of recipes for sure. Honored to be included.

  2. You are amazing. I love the 17 mile running gifts. 🙂

    My 18 mile gift will be running it with you next weekend!!! xoxoxoxox.

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