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Nutrition Label Reading 101

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Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday Blessings to you!!

Happy Monday Blessings to you!!

It’s was half marathon Monday for me today!!! I am actually really loving the training this time around.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s HOT in the FLA — Even at 5:30am but there is something about this time that’s different… Makes me smile!

HOT and STICKY Halfy! Happy Monday!!

HOT and STICKY Halfy! Happy Monday!! Do you follow me on Instagram!!

Check me out – looking disgusting and sweaty hot and sexy after my half marathon Monday!! 😮

Okay, on to the serious stuff…. Breakfast! I had my most favorite-ist (for the time being) breakfast when I got done with my sweaty run. Coconut pancakes topped with PB2, crunchy peanut butter, 1/2 banana, and a side of dried figgy. It was marvelous!! The super simple, 4 ingredient,  and filling pancake recipe is here!

Make. These. Pancakes.

Coconut Pancakes + Peanut Butter + Banana + Molasses = Abby's Breakfast Heaven

Coconut Pancakes + Peanut Butter + Banana + Molasses = Abby’s Breakfast Heaven

Now, on to the really good stuff! 🙂

I thought this week on the blog I would do a mini-series on grocery shopping — One of my all-time favorite things to do!! It’s kind of a sickness and it never helps the family budget… “We (meaning ME) spent how much on groceries?!?”, says the nicest man alive AKA my husband.
I often get questions about what I look for when I’m shopping. What type of ingredients. What I look for on the nutrition label.  If there are any ingredients that I avoid?  If I look at the fat content, protein, carbs, sugar, sodium, etc.
Prop37QuestionMarkThat is a complex question to answer and it certainly isn’t a quick one!  So, I thought the best way to answer some of these questions is to do a little “Grocery Shopping Mini Series” If you will.  Will you?
On this fine Monday I am featuring my “Nutrition Label Reading 101”.  They are fairly easy to remember and I hope they help you navigate the nutrition label and grocery store a little easier! 🙂
Side Note:  With the sugar and fiber tip (#4) – This does not apply to dairy products; they have naturally occurring sugar and usually little-to-no fiber. Just had to add that in! 🙂
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I hope this helps!!  🙂

This was from an event from last fall showing fun, healthy ideas for your cart!

This was from an event from last fall showing fun, healthy ideas for your cart!

Next post: Abby’s Top 5 Grocery Shopping Tips – Stay tuned for more GROCERY FUN!


Do you like grocery shopping?

What type of things do you look for on a nutrition label?

5 Comments to “Nutrition Label Reading 101”

  1. I have been reading food labels for quite a while. Thanks for letting people know how important food labels are, and the benefits. It can save us from doctors visit and allergic reaction, more so reduce our fat, cholesterol, and sodium intake.

  2. I love grocery shopping! It’s so zen for me. I heard (somewhere?) to look for a food with less than 15g of sugar and I usually look for the ingredient list, food becomes unappetizing when there’s a bunch of stuff in that ingredient list that I’m not wanting. I’m definitely going to start looking at the fiber content. Thanks Abby!

    • Thank you Donna!!! <3 I love hearing your feedback and having your support!! XO

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