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Remember… You Got This :)

Happy day!! I am doing a little blog catch up – so just tag along if you please :0398094_458398250875005_1201100679_n

This week has been a bit hectic awesome. I had a presentation scheduled with Hillsborough County (!!!) for Valentine’s Day (usually they’re on Tuesday). I had decently full days both Monday and Tuesday which are usually my presentation prep days. This time it was all messed. I was all off on my days and did not have a nice clear opening other than Monday morning for prep so I was just fitting it in as I could… Go mekeep-calm-and-remember-you-got-this

Tuesday went a lil’ something like this:

Early Workout: ~45 minutes on the treadmill on 9th floor gym. Since the marathon, I have been trying to work in a little speed work.  Honestly it really does make the 45 minutes go faster.  I jog at an easy pace for ~10 minutes bump it up for 3 minutes, back down for 1, up for 3 mins, down for 1 min and again and again until I hit 5 intervals. That’s the goal BUT this morning I did two intervals, jogged at an easy pace till 30 mins and then 2 more intervals. No matter what, it always makes my heart beat out of my chest so much so that I came upstairs and P said this was the sweatiest he’s seen me…. Awesome, my goal is to disgust make my husband proud  before work. :/

Breakfast: Green breakfast smoothie in my Ninja!! 1/2 and 1/2 water and Silk Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1/2 banana, 2 strawberries, 1 scoop VegaOne (Vanilla Chai), 1 tablespoon-ish PB2, 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum (as thickener), and large handful of GREENS, topped with some crunchies. YUM!

Tuesday Breakfast Smoothie

Tuesday Breakfast Smoothie

I had an early morning coffee event at On Pointe Executive Center with Helping Professionals Network. This seriously is a wonderful group for helping and healing professionals – read more about it here.  Sadly, I am still trying to remember to take pictures and I fail at most places I go.  I headed to The Centre Club for a couple hours to get some work done and then headed to my lunch date!!

The lovely Irina :)

The lovely Irina 🙂

Irina is the sweetest and most amazing hair stylist in all of Florida! She does all of my girlfriends hair, their S.O.’s and P’s hair (All thanks to Lindsey:))  I even trusted her enough to take my drab long layers to a short do in August — She is the best!!

Back in August - Trusting :)

Back in August – Trusting 🙂

Lunch was an open faced Sunbutter and honey on Ezekial with carrots – Sounds boring but I love it, whole grains, protein, fat, and veggies – done.  I was procrastinating working on my presentation so I did this instead…

Spaghetti Squash!!!

Spaghetti Squash!!!

Super Easy!! 1) Cut in half (I think this is the hardest part), 2) Scrape out seeds, 3) Put in microwave safe dish with a bout 3 tablespoons of water, 4) Microwave for 10-12 minutes (times vary), 5) Let cool and scrape! DONE!

I then G-chatted with my best friend (again procrastinating) and finally got to working on the presentation ~3:30pm (initial goal 2pm) – AWESOME! The rest of the evening was work, GUMBO, work, dark chocolate covered raisins, SLEEP.

Wednesday went by too quick to even remember…. I’ll do  my best!

I think this happened from 5am-7am.

35 mins Elliptical, 55 min Barre

35 mins Elliptical, 55 min Barre


PB and banana toast, Fage and berries

PB and banana toast, Fage and berries

Quest from 8:45am-4:30pm – always  fun and eventful days at Quest 🙂 Somewhere in there this happened…


Sunbutter and honey on Ezekial, whatevers-in-my-fridge salad 🙂

Presentation work, GUMBO, presentation, dark chocolate raisins, SLEEP.

Valentine’s tomorrow – YAY and YUM! 🙂


1) Are you a morning or evening worker-outer?

I used to be afternoon/evening now morning – it just fits in my schedule better AND I can always think of something better to do at 6pm – there is nothing better to do at 6am (unless you count sleeping…)

2) Are you in a monogamous relationship with your hair stylist?


3) Favorite type of squash?

Spaghetti right now but I really want to try Kabocha Squash because of this bada$$ blogger






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