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Back to School: Healthy Lunches!

Whaaaaaaa? Summer is over?

Well, at least it is on this side of the country and although it may seem WAY too soon, school is here. For many this means to bed and to rise earlier, school pick up lines, back packs, stricter routines and yes, school lunches! If you struggle creating  healthy lunches (that your kids will actually eat), look no further!!

Try the “Fast Five” method: Simply add one fruit, one veggie, one protein source, one whole grain/starch and a healthy fat (which often has protein too) and DONE! You now have a healthy, well balanced and nutritious lunch for you and your kids!

The “Fast Five” method: simply add one fruit, one veggie, one protein source, one whole grain/starch and a healthy fat…

Here are two examples that should help you get the hang of it!

Fast Five Quick Lunch

 Fruit = Banana

Veggie = Cucumber & Tomato (technically a fruit…)

Fat & Protein = Hummus & Peanut Butter

Whole Grain = Whole Wheat Bread


Let’s try another:

Fast Five Quick Lunch

Fruit = Blueberries

Veggie = Carrots

Whole Grain = Pita

Protein = Turkey

Fat = Cheese (plus protein & calcium)


Now it’s YOUR turn!

I can’t wait to see all the cool lunch ideas! EnJOY your back to school!
~Abigail Joy

NOTE: Many of fats and proteins are combination foods, for instance eggs have healthy fat and protein in them, same with cheese, peanut or almond butter and even hummus.  

PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to comment, head over to my Facebook page OR just watch the segment again! I like options 😀

Here is a fun selfie of Gayle Guyardo and I filming the segment!

A fun selfie of Anchor, Gayle Guyardo after filming the segment!



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