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Pumpkin Banana Muffins and Fall!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy First Day of Fall!! Hello Fall!! <3 I have to say, fall is my favorite season!! There is so much fun to enjoy and look forward to.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and the holiday season but for some reason fall is it for this girl!! Fall is: […]

Celiac Disease Awareness Day 9/13/13

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy Freaky Friday! 🙂 Guess what day it is?? If you couldn’t tell from the title, it’s Celiac Disease Awareness Day!! I have a little “thing” for Celiac Disease – I completed a Gluten Free on a Budget Project during my internship and ever since then I’ve had a fascination […]

Lemony Zucchini Yogurt Bread & Family

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy happy Friday!! And what a lovely Friday it is!! I am currently on a plane, yes, on a plane, on the internet!!! AMAZING!! I am still amazed by this – Southwest raised their prices from $5 > $8 for in-flight internet but I think it’s worth it! A 4 1/2 […]

For the Love of Pumpkins :)

Tweet Tweet Pin It Alas, pumpkin season is here again!! I feel like all I’ve been seeing is pumpkins – I love it! But did you know pumpkins are full of nutrition?!  They are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as high in antioxidants.  While this is the time of year that our pumpkin intake […]

When Life Gives You Peanut Butter, Make Peanut Butter Cookies!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Your fate is like a new jar of peanut butter. It may be sealed, but you can choose whether it is smooth or crunchy.  ~Jarod Kintz Happy Hump Day Everyone! Yesterday was one of those dreary summer days in Tampa.  It has been like that a lot this summer – I […]

Lightened Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tweet Tweet Pin It I think I might have a problem – A baking problem.  I know, it could be much worse.  But honestly there are some serious issues that come along with being a baking addict. For one, I live with my husband, a huge creature of habit, and if it’s not in his […]