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Super Easy & Healthy Chicken Salad

Tweet Tweet Pin It  Happy Tuesday!!! I just LOVE this!!  Even in the midst of our troubles, we can still inspire others.  I have a couple dear friends who do this daily! They are going through some rough times, yet, they always have a positive word to say and a smile on their face.  THAT […]

Foodie Penpals!!!

Tweet Tweet Pin It Happy Friday!!! Not only is it almost a three day weekend but it’s also Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!! Woohoo!! What?  You don’t know what that is – well, I didn’t either until July. I found a link for it on Pinterest and now I’m hooked. Let me explain.:) This amazing idea […]

Lightened Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tweet Tweet Pin It I think I might have a problem – A baking problem.  I know, it could be much worse.  But honestly there are some serious issues that come along with being a baking addict. For one, I live with my husband, a huge creature of habit, and if it’s not in his […]