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Ohhhh happy day to you!!

Today, I’m trying something new. I love inspiration. Yes, I’m sure most of us do but I find if I start out my mornings with a little inspiration, it changes everything. So, instead of just reading it (since I’ve been doing that for quite some time), why not write it? You never know what will come out of this hair-brained ideaĀ šŸ™‚ Here we goā€¦…


It’s a new day and the list of to dos will always be here. But you know what will never be here again? This very moment in time; this exact age of your kids, your relationship with your spouse, your friendships; everything in your life is unique to this very moment in time. You may be thinking, ugghhh, I’d prefer a different moment,Ā but no matter what, this IS the moment.

Soooo, why not just be thankful for it?Ā Mindset and being thankful changes everything.


Find something you can be thankful for within your family, career and right here in this (in my case, cluttered) space. And why stop there? TELL those people and acknowledge how thankful you are for them. Because of this simple act of acknowledging and expressing thankfulness, one thing that will definitely change is the now and the future nows. WeĀ never know what the future moments will bring – although many of us, myself included, love to TRY to control those moments – the opportunity is there to invadeĀ those future moments with THANKFULNESS and gratitude.

So let’s try to be conscious and thankful of the now, whatever that means! And just watch how the next moments transform. I mean really, what’s the WORST thing that can happen? You smile, make someones day and in turn change your mindsetā€¦?

Sounds awesome to me!. šŸ˜€


Former control addict, AbigailĀ 

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