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The Facts about Eggs



With Easter fast approaching, eggs are on center stage. With all the information out there today, do you ever feel stumped about which eggs to buy and even if eggs are good or bad for you? Wonder no more! I’m breaking it down to help you you get the FACTS about eggs and  to feel more comfortable eating the incredible edible egg.

Question 1: Are eggs good or bad?

They really are the incredible edible egg! They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals – the egg whites contain a little over half of the protein while the yolk is where you get the healthy fat along with vitamins and minerals. Just to name drop a few… vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid and thiamin. Basically eggs are a powerhouse of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals – I have at least 1 egg daily! Period.

Question 2: What about the yolk?

Basically the yolk is the BOMB-TASTIC and that is no yolk….. The yolk contains vitamins A, D, E and K and are one of the only foods that naturally contain vitamin D. AWESOME! The yolk also contains more calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc than the white. Don’t miss out on all that goodness. What I recommend is having at least one whole egg and adding egg whites if you want to add more protein but save a few calories and grams of fat. But puuuuulease get at least one yolk!

Learn all about the egg yolk vs. egg white here: Yolks vs. Whites

One of my favorite ways with eggs…. the "egg salad" with a side of Chobani for extra protein - DELISH!

One of my favorite ways with eggs…. the “egg salad” with a side of Chobani for extra protein – DELISH!

Question 3: But what about all the cholesterol in eggs?

The cholesterol content in eggs and it’s effect on our bodies have been studied and researched extensively. Research shows that the cholesterol that is found in foods, like eggs, does not have a significant impact on the cholesterol in our bodies. What seems to be the key with cholesterol is keeping our saturated fat intake low. Or you could say that cholesterol in the body is affected by foods high in saturated fat. Bottom Line: Eat the egg; reduce the butter and ice cream!  More good info!

Caroline Kaufman Nutrition: What is Cholesterol?

Self Magazine: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Cholesterol

Question 4: There are so many claims on the carton, which do I choose? Cage Free, All Natural, Organic??

The short answer: It’s your choice and this is your time to decide what you are looking for in an egg. No matter what type of egg you choose, you are going to get all the EGG-cellent benefits but you can save some money and time if you know the facts about the claims on the label.

The Modern Farmer Guide to Grocery Store Eggs: Great blogpost and definitely worth a read! Here are my Cliff Notes:

All Natural:  Modern Farmer (and ME) say, “Don’t be Impressed” by this claim. Eggs are natural. All of them…. Period.

Cage-FreeFree-Range, and Pasture-Raised: Modern Farmer says, “Well Intended but Hard to Guarantee What your Getting” – Agreed. Basically these are all voluntary claims and are not mandated. Read the above link from Modern Farmer for more info; they explain it quite well.

Organic: Yo, this is the spot to pay attention and spend the extra if you decide… Why?

The USDA’s National Organic Program has a very stringent rules for Organic eggs. Certified Organic egg-laying hens are guaranteed to have access to outdoors, are cage free and are vegetarian/organically fed.

OR you can listen to me babble on about eggs with Stacie Schaible on News Channel 8’s First at 4.

PS: Make sure to watch until the end. Live TV tip: The camera is always on…. wait till the end for the “Abby-face” showing my true colors!!! HA!

Enjoy some eggs this weekend with a little more knowledge! Happy day!!



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