Abigail Joy Dougherty: Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Expert & Lover of Life
2016, Healthy Living, Nutrition Minute

What are Calories?

“OMG, do you know how many calories are in that?”

We hear the word “calorie” ALL THE TIME; but do we really know what it means? A simple definition of a calorie is a unit of energy – meaning, the food you are eating is your bodies energy source.  When you think of calories in this way, it’s easier to look at food as a fuel source instead of counting every dreaded calorie you put in your mouth.

Think about it in this way: Do you want to fill up your stomach with chemically calories like white bread, diet crackers, a “protein” bar that you can’t even read the ingredients in….. OR do you want to fuel your body with good, whole food energy?

Instead, think about fueling your beautiful body with:

  • Fruits and vegetables – ANY and all of them,
  • Lean sources of protein, like chicken, fish and eggs,
  • Healthy fats, like nuts, avocado and olive oil and,
  • Clean carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, and oats.

Fuel your body with good, whole food energy

Make a pledge to fuel your day with good quality, whole food energy and ditch that diet mentality! Feed your body what it is really craving, whole foods that provide ENERGY and allow you to feel your best!

Have the best day!! EnJOY!


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