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Sprouts Farmers Market: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Full Disclosure: Sprouts paid for all expenses while on the #HelloSprouts Blogger Tour and I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed below are 100% my own. Transparency and full disclosure are very important to me! Thanks for reading! ~Abby

Sprouts Farmers Market:

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I feel like I have the best job in the whole world. I truly love what I do and feel so thankful for opportunities to learn, grow and meet new people! In August, I had the exceptional opportunity to join 9 other registered dietitians and awesome food bloggers on the first #HelloSprouts Bloggers Retreat to Phoenix, Arizona to attend SproutsFest and learn even more about who Sprouts Farmers Market is and what they stand for.

Here we all are!! Most likely about to enjoy a meal or something awesome like that! 🙂

As many of you know, I started working with Sprouts Farmers Market this past year on their recent store openings in and around the Tampa Bay Area. After doing cooking demos, TV segments  and other work with Sprouts in Florida, I was already a BIG fan; not just because of their great prices, double ad Wednesdays, bulk food section and beautiful store layout with my favorite – fruits and veggies in the center – but because of the way they truly care about the food that they deliver to consumers and their attention to high quality and healthful ingredients. It was an easy sell for this registered dietitian.

Even though I felt I had a good knowledge of what Sprouts was about, I learned so much while attending their annual SproutsFest and participating in some of the coolest ever TV-style food contests, learning experiences and all of the many meals that I enjoyed while hanging out in Arizona with the Sprouts crew.

Here are some of my favorite experiences from the trip and things I think you’ll be interested to know about Sprouts.

These are a few of my favorite things about Sprouts!!

1) The Mystery Box Challenge: 

This challenge was ohhh so fun and had a very Food Network-style Chopped feel to it – I love these type of challenges, although they make me super nervous! I’m was sitting there thinking, “Am I going to disappoint? Do I really know what I’m doing?” By the way, yes, these thoughts happen to everyone!

We got to pair up with a partner and we had our basket full of goodies. One of the coolest parts was that we didn’t’ have to cook anything – everything was precooked and ready to go, all we had to do was chop, flavor and pair different items together. My partner was Shashi over at Savory Spin and we actually WON!! Here is our meal!

Our Paleo Meal: Smokey and Sweet Salmon with a side of curried sweet potatoes and herbed broccoli rabe and cauliflower mash – Super yum!!

What this experience taught me about Sprouts: Sprouts is always learning and growing and up for new things. This wasn’t just a competition, this was literally a chance for Chef Matt, the Sprouts Culinary Director to get some new and inventive meal ideas from little old US! We weren’t just playing Chopped, we were given the opportunity to create a new Sprouts ready to eat meal! Chef Matt was excited to hear what we came up with and has an amazing desire to keep Sprouts Deli offerings as fresh and able to meet the needs of consumers that he wanted our inventions! So awesome!

2) The Gift Basket Challenge:

This was another super-fun TV-style competition. We paired up again and this time, we had 20 minutes and $100 to put together a themed gift basket. My partner Shashi and I (yep, same awesome partner) had a blast running through the store, comparing prices and finding those PERFECT gifts for the basket.

Putting together our gift basket masterpiece — PS: we didn’t win!

What this experience taught me about Sprouts: They have an amazing commitment to helping their local communities. Again, we weren’t just making gift baskets that would be tossed aside…. Nope, we were making gift baskets that would be given away as gifts to local teachers – how cool is that?! Sprouts Foundation partners with local nonprofits in their different markets and aids in giving food and funds. Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) is a nonprofit they have worked with for many years and where we learned and even got to pack coffee to help raise funds for autism research.

Thanks for the super awesome video Erin from The Speckled Palate << GOOD STUFF!

Sprouts is also very involved in School Gardens and has helped plant many all over the country in their different markets. To learn more about all the awesome things they are doing throughout different communities head here!

3) Sprouts Tabletop Show:

Holy moly, this was one of the coolest experiences of my life! I have been to multiple food expos before but this was one I could have roamed around in forever! Imagine every type of yummy and healthy food, beverage, vitamin, body care and even toy company in one room. Samples, samples and more samples!! Soo fun!! I came home with an extra GIANT checked bag full of goodies and new exciting foods I was dying to try!

Some of my new favorites….

Bob’s Red Mill – A constant favorite!

AMAZING, crap free donuts! LEGIT! 🙂

A family favorite – Rise Bars!!

EVERYBODY!! I slather this all over my body daily – awesome stuff!!

Simple Mills Baked Goods – The BOMB!!

What this experience taught me about Sprouts: Their 100% dedication to quality. One of Sprouts big mottos is that “Every meal is a choice” and it truly is! The thing I love about working with and shopping at Sprouts is that the ingredients in their foods are truly better and whole food-ier than most! They believe if they can put the best food out there, their consumers will make better choices by default. Some seek these options out and others just choose based on taste, either way, they  are getting a delicious and well-rounded product. Sprouts even has over 2,000 store brand products that are just as delicious and nutritious!

4) The Meals!! Ohhhh alll the meals! So delicious!! I’ll just do this one via pictures… way more fun that way!

True Foods Hummus and Crudite! AMAZING!!

Chicken Salad

Shabu Shabu at Sur la Table

Shabu Shabu at Sur La Table – AMAZING!!

Delicious lunch at Sprouts headquarters to try out some of their new to-go items! DELISH!!

Delicious Bruschetta at Postino! Soooo amazing!!

What this experience taught me about Sprouts: That they care about happy, healthy blogger bellies!  HA! 🙂 Thank you!!

5) The LOVELY people! Goodness, I have said this before and I’ll say it again, Sprouts finds some of the coolest, most hardworking and down-to-earth people to work for them!! From the Chief Marketing and Operating Officers who we had the pleasure of having a delicious lunch with, the Culinary Director, the entire communications and marketing teams, and all the bloggers and dietitians that were on the trip, I felt like I was in social heaven hanging out with these people!

What the people taught me about Sprouts: I love to love people, I admit, but this was just a blast to see the way they treated each other with such respect and interacted was such an inspiration! It gave me hope that there are more companies out there who have a dedication to every level of their company!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience in Arizona with Sprouts! Happy day to you!

~Abigail Joy

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  1. It was SO nice to meet you on this trip!! Great recap post 🙂 I loved all the challenges and meals as well!

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